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About Paranormal Paradigms

Paranormal Paradigms is a not-for-profit service which serves as a liason bewteen families or businesses experiencing paranormal phenomena and paranormal investigators.

Our services include technical support for the investigators through video and audio recordings for documentation of the phenomena and the investigations. Paranormal Paradigms also maintains this website to publish the documentation when permitted by the parties involved. Primarily, we are pursuing unbiased research toward gaining more understanding of other dimensions of reality and improving communication with them.

As the human species evolves spiritually our awareness of the realms we call paranormal increases. It is time for us to leave superstitious fears behind and deal with this aspect of our reality in a ratonal manner. We believe that when one ceases to exist on the physical plane, call it “passing over” or dying as you choose, they continue on in the non-physical realms and their personality usually does not change much. It is time for us to start accepting the residents of what we call the paranormal realms as our neighbors instead of freaks to be feared or used for our entertainment.
We will all be there some day.

Strange Frequencies

The Haunted Field Guide Series continues with an essential guide to everything a ghost researcher needs to know about using technology to track down evidence of the paranormal. In this compelling and highly readable guide, the author uncovers the real science behind ghost research; offers a wealth of information on the uses of a wide variety of equipment; and offers in-depth instructional knowledge on the best ways to use technical equipment during an investigation.
The Haunted Field Guide Series

A Recent Investigation

- A Paranormal Incident at The Palmer House

Paranormal Paraphernalia Spotlight

Picture of a K2 EMF Meter The K2 meter is a popular tool in the kits of paranormal investigators; probably the most common tool in use. The K2 meter detects and gives an indication of relative strength of electromagnetic fields, or EMF. It will apparently react to activity in the paranormal realms. This is believed to be due to disruption of the standing EMF in any given area, which may be a valid assumption. In any case, K2 meters are an unreliable tool due to the many mundane factors that can disrupt this field. Anyone who consistently depends upon only a K2 meter to indicate paranormal presence or activity is likely to be misled more often than not. The K2 meter must be backed up by other, more reliable, methods to verify the readings. Their reliability does increase, however, when they indicate abnormal patterns in EMF fluctuations.

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