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The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor

Minnesota Truth Seekers Paranormal Group Logo The Ghost Meter EMF Sensor is a low-end, inexpensive EMF detector. Corners are cut in its design and manufacture to meet a low price-point, and it is worth every penny you pay for it. It puts on a great show but lacks the sensitivity and reliaiblity of more expensive devices.
I have read many reviews agreeing with this.
If you are serious about measuring EMF, whether for paranormal investigations or any other purpose, do your self a favor and spend a few more dollars for at least a K2 meter. If you are really serious about measuring EMF go for a real EMF meter with numerical readout.

Digital EMF Meter

Digital EMF Meter Digital EMF Meters are good for making high resolution measurements of electromagnetic fields without spending a lot of money. A large LCD display in a good EMF meter will read 0.1-199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 - 400 Hz. Most commonly available EMF meters are single axis meters and will measure on only one axis. This means that the meter must be rotated during use to find the proper orientation to the magnetic field being measured to get proper readings.

The serious paranormal investigator must also be aware that EMF meters typically measure only very low frequencies (30Hz-300Hz) and must be supplemented by an RF meter to be fully effective.

Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder
No self-respecting paranormal investigator would ever hit the field without their trusty audio recorder for capturing EVPs.
The VN-7200 combines the simplicity of digital audio recorders with Olympus' renowned audio technology. This audio recorder offers hundreds of hours of recording time plus key features for capturing clean, clear recordings— functional design elements that make it a perfect device for the quintessential paranormal investigator.
I have found the VN-7200 recorder has excellent sensitivity and frequency response for collecting EVPs.

Mel Meter— Important for the professional

Mel Meter A Mel Meter has a digital readout which displays EMF on a screen back-lit by red light and also a built in Ambient Temperature meter. Both factors can be recorded, both High and Low point, for later review. It also uses an EMF burst mode which samples the EMF fields faster by turning off the Temperature meter and focusing all the capacity of the meter on EMF.

Be aware that the Mel Meter is also a single-axis device and must be handled with that in mind. Use slow, steady motions instead of sudden movements and do not rely on a stationary position for reliable readings.

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